Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Goodness of God

From Devotional Classics,
The Highest Form of Prayer by Julian of Norwich,
a Benedictine nun (1342-1413).

"I saw that it brings more honor to God and
more true delight if we faithfully pray to Him for His
goodness . . . Because His goodness is full and complete,
and in it there is nothing lacking. . . For the highest form
of prayer is to the goodness of God
. . . . For we are so
preciously loved by God that we cannot even comprehend it."
God of Goodness ~
I kneel in wonder of Your Extravagant Love.
I humbly bow my head in the presence of Your
Holiness. My soul weeps that You would love
me with such tenderness, with such
compassion, with such generosity. My face
cannot look at Holiness, but Goodness reaches
for me, holds my unworthy efforts, listens to
my cries of despair, touches my broken places.
Goodness whispers to my soul with words of
mercy and love and hope. Goodness finds the
best and reassures, cleanses the wrong and
renews, heals the torn and restores. In times
of darkness, Goodness shines! In times of need,
Goodness provides! In times of joy, Goodness
celebrates! In all times, Goodness prevails!
My soul-songs repeat Praise be to God for
Everlasting Goodness! In the name of Jesus,
Lover of my soul, I speak this prayer! Amen.