Monday, June 30, 2008

Obedience to the Command of Jesus

In his book A Life of Obedience, Andrew Murray writes about obedience to the command of Jesus (the Great Commision) and the disciples' response:

Before, during His life on earth, they had more than once expressed their doubt about the possibility of fulfilling His commands.

But here, as quietly and simply as He speaks these divine words, they accept them . . . they go to the appointed place to wait to be equipped by their Lord with heavenly power for heaven's work of making all the nations His disciples.

. . . Within a generation, simple men, whose names we do not even know, had preached the Gospel in Antioch and Rome and the regions beyond. The command was passed on and absorbed into the heart and life, as meant for all ages and for every disciple.

Still today, we disciples of Jesus continue to share the Gospel. At the appointed place and equipped by God ~ Generation after generation stands in awe of Your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts. . . GOD is good to one and all; everything He does is suffused with grace. (Psalm 145:4,9 ~ The Message) ~ dho