Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mysterious Love, Hope, Grace, and Peace

Holy Father ~
You are the Holy One that knows the depth of each of us. You are greater than all knowledge and all wisdom. You are I AM. What mystery!

Hear my heart, my desire to follow You. Hear the struggle in my words, my choices in the past . You also hear my silent thoughts of doubt and weakness. You hear my unspoken words of uncertainty and grief. What love!

We call You many names ~ Jehovah, Yahweh, El Shaddai ~ Healer, Sustainer, Provider ~ Love Most High, Good Shepherd, Jesus. You call us Beloved. You always know just where we fall, just where we break, just where we wander. What hope!

I come to the garden to pray. My prayers rise to heaven with the Spirit of Holiness. There is such comfort in knowing You already know the reasons, know the depth of need. There are times when I choose the easier path, the one that does not honor You. I neglect to mention Your name and constrain my words that would give You praise. I do not always put You first. I compromise, choose good not best. My intentions are not always worthy. Father, forgive me when I try to be You. Forgive the times when weakness wins and boldness flees. Forgive the times when silence speaks and courage hides. Forgive my doubt and hold my tears. I lay all this on the altar. Consume the wrong and renew my joy. What grace!

What kind of God lets us confess what He already knows? What kind of God listens to our petitions when He knows we will fail again? What kind of God forgives our mistakes just because we ask? What kind of God loves more than enough? What kind of God calls us Beloved? Oh, Mercy comes and whispers with tender words
~ My Beloved, you are Mine. You are forgiven. I will never let you go. Now, let's be about My purpose. There's a harvest waiting. I love you. Baruch Hashem Adonai! What peace! Amen. ~ dho