Monday, December 24, 2007

Winter's Morning!

Your morning is glorious! The sun shines in a
beautiful, clear Mississippi-blue sky. Frost
covers the ground and each blade of grass
glistens in the sunlight. You feed the birds
along the roadside; they know You will provide.
A lone crow sits and waits. He, too, will not be
disappointed. With the morning's frost, the pansies

bow in reverence to You , but even they will find
the warmth needed to endure the cold.

I see my Provider in this day. There are new
mercies in Your Glory. How my soul glistens
in your Everlasting Light! You make all things
new every day! I wait for You with anticipation!
I will not be disappointed. On my knees, I bow
before a Holy God. Lord, You are the author of all.

Write the God-story You desire in my heart,
and I will pen the words. Hear my prayer. Amen. ~dho

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