Saturday, March 10, 2012

Preparing for Easter ~ Satan

When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left [Jesus] until an opportune time.
Luke 4:13 NIV

This is not the devotion I wrote yesterday - it is gone, apparently did not "publish" as usual. I did all the same things but today as I started to write for Sunday, I noticed that Saturday's was not published. Thinking I had made an error, forgetting to click "publish," I checked. Saturday's devotion was simply not anywhere to be found.

As I have been writing as the Spirit leads, I could not even remember what I wrote yesterday morning. Looking through my scant notes revealed no clues. The NLT translation says that the devil left until the next opportunity came. If you are surprised that the devil still acts to disrupt and hinder, attempts to destroy the work of God, think again.

The world would say "it was just a computer glitch" or "you must have made an error" - that's the reason it did not publish. Perhaps those things are true; yet, the devil's ways are sometimes crafty and sometimes just annoying. So, I salute the efforts of darkness lest I forget they exist and have weapons to do battle everyday, BUT I worship the LORD God who is all powerful and everlasting!

Our sacrifice of praise ~
Do not be caught unaware! Worship the power of the Living God even DURING the next opportunity of evil. ~ dho

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