Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Preparing for Easter ~ Works

We thank You, God, we thank You -
Your Name is our favorite word;
Your mighty works are all we talk about.
Psalm 75:1 The Message

Unfortunately, this does not often reflect our lives. We simply do not talk about God's mighty works on a daily basis. The world denies and contradicts the character of God, and we silently disagree. The world boasts and mocks the holiness of Jesus, and we look down and away, quietly shaking our head in disbelief. If our hearts are thank-full and our souls grace-full and our minds wonder-full, while the world continues to shun God, we should begin to speak about His mighty works ~ all the time!

Our sacrifice of praise ~
Tell someone of God's mighty works in your life ~ tell your God-story! ~dho

Read and share the God-story of my nephew Thomas and the Lemonade Stand!

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Copyright 2010 by Donna Oswalt

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"May you be blessed by the Lord Who loves you best!”

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