Wednesday, July 18, 2012


"My prayers are nothing other than a sense of the presence of God."
Brother Lawrence, Practicing the Presence of God
Thomas -  Summer 2012 at Ocean Isle, NC ~ healed!

A year ago today ~ Our family is waiting for a plan from neurosurgery at Duke University Hospital for my 9 year old nephew who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. In the PICU, severe illnesses surround us, even share our room. The reality that we are not the only ones to suffer becomes the buffer between urgency and panic. All anyone of us can do is pray! The 48 hours before and the 48 hours after become the LONGEST day and launch an unexpected faith journey. 

Many faithful friends and their friends and friends of their friends prayed with us and for us. Literally, people all over the world prayed. For any who do not know about our journey, this link will take you to Thomas' Caring Bridge site that chronicles the amazing journey. As always we say to God be the Glory! for His Faithfulness is the anchor of our souls.

There are times when emotions make finding the words to pray feel impossible. Remember, the language of prayer is not about the right words. To be in the presence of God is prayer. Find His presence and rest there. Scripture assures us that if we do not know what to pray, the Holy Spirit helps us in our distress and prays for us, speaking our deepest, wordless groans.[Romans 8:26-28] Allow the presence of God settle around you and embrace you. To God be the Glory! Hallelujah! ~ dho

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