Thursday, August 01, 2013

Earthly Friends ~ Series on Friendship

"You did not choose Me; I chose you! Put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won't spoil." John 15:16a The Message

Two years ago, our family found themselves face to face with the unthinkable ~ my nephew at age 9 was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Rushed to Duke Children's Hospital for surgery, much of the tumor was removed. Subsequent physical therapy and 30 radiation treatments were still to come, but he got to go home first. 

Journal entry:

Welcome Home!

Written Jul 28, 2011 12:04pm
His banner over me is love!
Song of Solomon 2:4

God's banner over us is love! This is His marker or standard, His flag that waves over us saying that He chooses us, He loves us, He offers us mercy. We are the recipients of God's loving kindness. When we belong to God, we find ourselves overcome by His Unmeasured Love.

As you can see, Thomas has some very generous earthly friends who love him very much,too. This banner shouts of love, shouts with joy, shouts Welcome Home!

Arriving around 7pm Wednesday night, this was the sight the McGirrs saw as the pulled into home. Now, that's a BIG BANNER of LOVE! If you look closely, right in the middle on the front steps is Tropper ~waiting for Thomas!

Welcome Home, Thomas! The next few days will be ones of healing and scheduling. Every day I will post an update. So, y'all come back now! PT begins tomorrow. 

To God be the Glory ~ dho

Now, two years later, Thomas is a rising 6th grader and remains cancer free. (He still gets MRI scans every 6 months.) We celebrate God's Infinite Goodness and the earthly friends who became the hands and feet of Jesus as they walked this journey with us. God desires each of us to become His Eternal Friend and chooses us to demonstrate His love to others on this earth. When we belong to God, we find ourselves overcome by His Unmeasured Love. God's banner over us is love! ~ dho

When we belong to God, we find ourselves overcome 
by His Unmeasured Love. Donna Oswalt
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