Thursday, November 21, 2013

Promises of Thanksgiving ~ Creator, Deliverer, Redeemer ~ Part 1

Give thanks to the LORD, because He is good. His faithful love endures forever. 
 Psalm 136:1

Most of the Psalms were composed for times of worship, for singing and praising God. Psalm 136, called the Great Hallel, highlights the history of God as Creator of the world and Redeemer of Israel in the Old Testament. Traditionally, this Psalm is read at the end of the Passover supper, with its repetitive responses acknowledging God's power and protection, affirming God's promise and provision. His faithful love endures forever. 

As Creator, Deliverer, and Redeemer, God's faithfulness captures the focus of the people of Israel. Jehovah deserves hallelujahs. His power throughout creation marvels, His protection throughout uncertainty conquers, His promise throughout generations remains, His provision throughout eternity reigns. Surrounded by God's goodness, the people find their hearts overflowing with praise to God. His faithful love endures forever. 

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let's remember God's goodness. The beauty of creation and the certainty of God calls us to our knees. The Bread of Life sustains us now and prepares us for the wedding supper of the Lamb. Redeemed by grace, our hearts explode with hallelujahs! Infinite love never ends. ~ dho

[hallel, Hebrew for 'praise']

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