Thursday, July 09, 2015

In the Silence, Empty and Full

"My soul waits in the silence for God only..." Psalm 62:1 NASB

Henri Nouwen identifies three areas of "Spiritual Living": solitude, community, and ministry. Solitude can be stressful for many people. Because we are overly busy, solitude infrequently finds a place in society. In our busy, we create an illusion of 'full' but in truth, life can be spiritually 'empty'. To be full of the Holy Spirit involves having a deep connectedness with God which fills us up in ways we cannot explain. A relationship with the Holy Spirit is dynamic in nature, and time in solitude with God allows for this to evolve. Listening for the voice of God requires times of silence. The process of discernment implies we are to wait for God, wait with a spiritual surrender and holy desire to know and hear from God. To empty ourselves of the world becomes an offering, a sacred space.

In solitude, God's presence silences the negative thoughts, reduces anxieties, minimizes critical voices. In this sacred space, God reshapes the heart, creates an openness, nourishes the soul. Meditation and contemplation of God's Holy and Living Word expands the soul. Conversations with God form, both listening and speaking. The worldview of busy and hurry loves to deflect God's voice, pretends to satisfy the soul. In the silence, let the soul wait for God, becoming both empty and full, empty of the world and full of God's presence, empty of busy and full of holiness, empty of personal agendas, and full of the Holy Spirit, empty of the 'empty noise' and full of the 'fullness of God'. Experiencing the depths of silence is necessary to find a glimpse into God's immense love. In seeking spiritual discernment, let your soul wait in the silence for God. ~ dho

**next week: Community

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