Thursday, May 04, 2023

His Presence

 Find His Presence

Hear the loon's mournful call in the distance,
Feel the hawk's graceful, slow dance with the wind,

Remember the night sky's luminaries

As they fade when another morning speaks,

And find His presence.

Hear thunder's rumbling call, 
Storm Approaching!
Feel wind's royal power command respect.

Recall the warning; listen to the wind

As darkness struggles to control and shout,

And find His presence.

Hear whispers in the night as angels sing,

Feel holy kisses as His angels pass,

Remember sweet songs of comfort and peace

As mercy makes a home within the soul,

And find His presence.

Hear gentle words offered without reason,

Feel the rhythm of glory-words that praise,

Recall holy words written on the heart

As the Living Word restores hope's voice,

And find His presence.

Hear the empty silence of loneliness,

Feel the wordless sighs of unspoken prayer,

Remember the promise of Perfect Love

As holiness seeks ordinary time,

And find His presence.

Hear the Holy Spirit summon,
Be still
Feel the solitude embrace calm's repose,

Recall the mystery and the majesty

As Grace falls softly and shelters the soul,

And find His presence.  

~ dho

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