Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Extravagant Gifts

I get up in the middle of the night to thank You;
Your decisions are so right, so true -
I can't wait till morning!
Psalm 119:62

Loving God,
The night sky is filled with luminaries that
light the darkness. Angels whisper evening
songs to our weary souls. We do not notice.
As sleep gently calls, we forget that we have
breathed the morning air, listened to laughter,
seen the evening sky appear. Another day!
Something disturbs the rhythm of our sleep,
summons our souls. In these sleepless moments,
the Holy Spirit is waiting and listens for our
response. Thank You! Thank You!
Thank You!
Father, when we fail to see the beauty of
Your day, remind us with a glorious morning
to take our breath away, a soul laugh that only
a listening heart can find, and a night sky
crowded with stars like diamonds that demand
a lingering look. Our hearts should burst with
unmeasured thankfulness! These are Your
ordinary gifts! We simply miss them in our
hectic hours, our scheduled chaos, our
saturated time.
Give our hearts the desire to breathe,
listen and see the ordinary with extraordinary
intention. Grant our souls the desire to breathe,
listen and see Your extraordinary gifts of
Love, Grace, and Joy! Let us find Your
extravagant gifts in our every day! Let us say
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Refresh our spirit! Refine our faith!
Restore our love! Renew our strength!
Rebuild our trust! Reclaim our souls!

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  1. Yes, Lord...renew my soul through the everyday things of You that I take for granted. Open my eyes to see them; open my ears to hear Your voice; open my heart to serve You. --srr


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