Friday, May 05, 2006

Shelter of His Wings

Let me live forever in Your sanctuary,
safe beneath the shelter of Your wings!
Psalm 61:4 (NLT)

Faithful Father,
You are our firm foundation, the Truth on which we build our lives. There are times whenYour Glory shines from the snow covered mountain tops, from the sun-reflected oceans, from the starry night skies. There are times when Your Glory cannot be seen through foggy mornings, through stormy afternoons, through dark clouds. There are times when Your Glory seems lost in the empty silence, in the path-free wilderness, in the endless uncertainty. Yet, at all times You can find us. You are the unspoken beauty in everyday, the unseen in every hour, the unknown in every moment. Because You love us so unconditionally, You find us in all the unlikely places the world takes us. It is in the moment that You reach out for us, that we become aware of our needs. It is in the moment that we reach out for You, that we become aware of Your presence. In such holy moments, You hold us, wrap us in Truth and Light.
Oh, Father, I pray my soul will never forget these holy moments. Faithful Father, that You always find me where I am, restores and renews my longing for You. Let me wait quietly for Your holy whispers. Amen.

Everything comes from Him; everything happens through Him, everything ends up in Him. Always glory! Always praise! Romans 11:36 (the Message)

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