Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lent ~ Children Of God

. . . it is not in daily sinning that the secret of humility is found, but rather in the position of dependence upon the grace of God.
Andrew Murray from Humility (pg. 71)

The commentary in the Life Application Bible reminds: There is no middle ground; people either belong to God and obey Him, or they live under Satan's control. As children of God, we choose to obey the Father; as disobedient children, we follow the evil one. Our sinful nature threatens the desire for obedience. Grace redeems us.

Read 1 John 5:16-20

We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the power and control of the evil one. 1 John 5:19 NLT

These verses compare our sinful nature, our inability to be sin-free, with the freedom of choice to deny Christ or apostasy. The Believer's confession of sins and desire to serve God brings forgiveness; however, the world denies Christ as Redeemer and follows Satan. Despite what the world would have us believe, evil is alive and active and is seeking those who would choose darkness and disobedience over Light and Grace.

consider this!

  • Contrast "darkness" and "disobedience" with "light" and "obedience"

  • Using a dictionary, define "apostasy"

  • Whose child are you?
Father of Light ~ When my doubts try to conquer, send the Light! When darkness seems easier, send the Light! When disorder becomes routine, send the Light! When the Destroyer struggles to claim me, send the Light! Light and Grace, shine on me! Amen. ~dho

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