Friday, March 27, 2009

Lent ~ Jesus Tells God's Children

It is the simple truth that holds you together in the most complex situations. Not simplistic, but simple. The profound truth that the Bible gives us is like a warm blanket wrapped around us on a cold night. Charles R. Swindoll

Scripture tells us that Jesus is the truth that will set you free. This Truth is offered as Grace. God's love is greater than we can ever understand, and He delights in offering us freedom and eternal life. Through Jesus we are ransomed, rescued and reconciled. Only Truth can do this.

Read John 8:31-38
[Jesus says] So if the Son sets you free, you will indeed be free. Yes, I realize that . . . some of you are trying to kill me because my message does not find a place in your hearts. John 8:36-37 NLT

Truth must dwell in our hearts, must become part of who we are, must be evidenced in our lives - both in word and deed. Satan champions the weak and cheers the arrogant. Daily, believers find themselves taunted by the Deceiver, tricked by the Accuser. Only Truth can overpower evil.

consider this!
  • In verse 32, what is the "truth" Jesus references?
  • What are the consequences of sin? Find a Scripture to support this.
  • Does the world find Jesus' message in my heart?

Jesus ~ You are Perfect Truth that paid the price for my sins, finds me where I am, longs for a relationship with me. When the world captures my attention and lures me with its shiny gimmicks, my heart feels the emptiness. You give me the freedom to rise above, to soar on eagle's wings. Forgive my care-less heart. Amen. ~dho

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