Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Remind Me" by Jacqueline Heider

I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you about a new Bible Study by Jacqueline Heider, Women’s Ministry Director, Resource & Prayer Specialist at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, GA. Having known Jacqueline nearly ten years, I am delighted to share her insights into God's word. The study will be available April 12, but I will pass along a way to pre-order soon! Remind Me helps us to study the attributes of God and remember them in the middle of daily living. See an excerpt from Jacqueline's introduction to the study:

"Just as Moses spent time with God on Mount Sinai and declared, “[Lord,] Please show me your glory.” so we can experience God more intimately, gaining a glimpse of His glory. As we spend time in His presence and focus on His attributes, we see a more vivid picture of who God is, and in doing so, our journey becomes one of hope, joy, and peace... 
Whether we are praising God for who He is, confessing our need to be more like Him, thanking Him for extending His grace to us through His marvelous character, or asking God to graciously pour out His character upon us, knowing and understanding the depth of God and His Son, Jesus, is a life-long journey that is rich in promise and provision."
This study looks at twenty of the attributes of God, each leading us to understand Him more, to gain new perspectives of His power, provision, and peace. In studying God's attributes, Remind Me will increase "the confidence we have" in God, and it will teach us how "praying His attributes provides us with the ultimate weapon for battling our strongholds and obtaining victory in our conquests!

Jacqueline asks, "Do you allow Jesus to be the starter, finisher, and perfecter of all things related to your life or do you try to do things on your own? How would your life be more peaceful if you implemented a change in this area?

Knowing God is more than head knowledge, it requires implementing this holy knowledge in our lives. To live like Christ is more than memorizing Scripture verses, attending Bible studies, and participating in mission projects. Of course, all these are important aspects of Christian growth, but truly trusting the character of God in all things is what will carry you through life. God's nature is unchanging and certain, and this must be our anchor in a world of changing uncertainty. Part of a prayer Jacqueline writes speaks to our soul's most basic daily need: "I ask You to refresh my soul and cause me to run to You with everything so I can experience the peace that comes only from Your presence." To God be the Glory! ~dho

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