Thursday, October 29, 2020

God’s Wireless Plan

Seems every mobile phone company has a "deal"! It is always a different bundle or package, new texting rates, faster speeds, extended data plans, and on and on! Most of us these days are accompanied by our mobile phone almost everywhere. We check our email, text a quick message, or make a call. Ringtones can be set to identify particular callers. To avoid interruptions, we can 'silence' our phones. Today's smartphones double as computers. So, what wireless plan do you have? Is it the best?

The following was on a church sign:
The best wireless plan?
PRAYER - unlimited
minutes, unlimited messages!

Clever sign and it catches our attention because it speaks our language! God's wireless plan is best. This plan is not just voice activated, but thought activated, and when the heart and mind can't find words, the Holy Spirit expresses the need for us. Free, unlimited time with the Lord - no limits or restrictions on days or times. His PRAYER line is open 24-7, 52 weeks or 365 days a year [366 days during Leap Year]. "525,600 minutes" a year ~ and FREE! Unlike some of the people we call or text who don't really want to talk to us, God always wants to spend time with us. Be  still and know that I am GodNo ringtone required!

Choose God's wireless plan ~ now and always! This deal is 'forever'!  ~ dho 

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