Tuesday, January 05, 2021

2021 Online Study - Book of Jeremiah

Trying something new! THIS year I am studying the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah, 52 chapters in 52 weeks, AND I am going to post each week a few glimpses and gleanings of what I am learning. I challenge you to read along this year, listen for how God’s ancient words still speak loudly to each of us. Use whatever translations and resources you choose. I pray God will reveal His purposes and promises and provisions... for you!

Be watching this week and every week of 2021, mostly on Thursdays, as I share my thoughts on Jeremiah. I invite you on this study-journey of the Book of Jeremiah. Each week I will give you some insights into the history of the times, share my reflections and help explore ways to apply this knowledge of God.

 The goal of studying the Bible is not just knowledge, rather it is always to develop a closer relationship with God. In-depth study and prayer and listening for God’s truths should lead to ‘experiential knowledge’ or spiritual transformation. To grow spiritually, learning is not enough; we must apply or incorporate our understanding of God into our living.

Join this study! Week 1 - Chapter 1 is coming Thursday January 7, 2021! Journal your thoughts and findings. Let your friends know how to follow. Please share what you are learning!

 Donna Oswalt, a fellow pilgrim on the journey



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